Award Winning Photographer at the Aurora Borealis Lounge


Between the Workshop sessions and the “Hunting for Aurora Borealis” evening event on 11 March, the Aurora Borealis Lounge will be open at Ludo Bar & Scene next to the Workshop venue. At the Aurora Borealis Lounge, Stian Klo will present some of his pictures of the aurora borealis/northern lights.

Stian Klo is a professional and award winning fine art nature and landscape photographer from Harstad, where he was born in 1980. His work has been published in highly esteemed magazines such as National Geographic, Outdoor Photographer Magazine, Landscape Photography Magazine, N-Photo and more. He has also licensed images to international ad and marketing campaigns for companies such as Apple, Nike, Fjällräven and Iceland Air.

Together with Arild Heitmann, Senja-nordlys-7he co-founded and runs Lofoten Tours, a modern tour company focusing on high end and unique photography tours in the Arctic regions, mainly Lofoten Islands, Senja, Svalbard (Spitsbergen) and Iceland. If you are interested in exploring the Arctic, or if you’ve always dreamt of witnessing the elusive and immensely beautiful Aurora Borealis (Northern lights), Stian and Arild are definitely the guys for the job. They’re both experienced locals, and have spent years and thousands of hours perfecting their craft. Read more about their company and tours at

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